About us

Local Link is a partnership between 7 local organisations led by Real. Our organisations specialise in working with people that have support needs. People that contact us might need extra support because they:

  • are deaf
  • have a physical, learning or any other form of disability
  • have a long term health condition (such as HIV or Dementia)

We are funded by Tower Hamlets council to work together to support people aged 14 and over, including older people, to help you get accessible information, advice and advocacy support. We know that everyone is different so we will tailor our support to you and what you need.

We also provide information to local professionals, carers, family and friends.

If we do not think that we can meet someone’s needs, we will support them to find an organisation that can.  We are not funded to support people who have only a mental health condition, but we can help you if you have a dual impairment. And if you don’t live, work or study in Tower Hamlets we will also try to signpost you onto more appropriate organisations local to you.